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Guide to travel by car

We recently commented on the pleasure and adventure of making your travel by car, one of the most satisfying experiences you can experience. Sitting at the wheel and traveling with all the freedom of time the routes that your eyes have traced.

Travel by car

But moment! Before you get into the car you have to be careful and take into consideration that the trip can turn sour if you forget to do a “Pre-Check” to the car, bone… prepare it for your travel.

Here are some tips for traveling by car:

  • First of all, define the route, time and distance.
  • Take your car to the workshop for a preliminary check if it will be a long trip.
  • Based on the route and distance, remember to have the budget for gasoline as well as carrying a bottle of oil and a gasoline one.
  • Have the basic information about your accommodations and places where you will stop, phones and addresses.
  • Food: the fuel is for the car, but what about the fuel for you?
  • Music: it is simply to animate the atmosphere inside.

Finally, just remember the road map! You see the map again! And soon, to enjoy with caution remember that it is better late than never …

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