Guijuelo Iberian ham tasting

If we are in the municipality of Guijuelo, in Salamanca, we must not fail to attend a tasting of Iberian ham of Guijuelo since this destination is recognized for having the best denomination of origin of ham and for being those who are responsible for the production of more of sixty percent of the Iberian ham.

When we attend a tasting of this ham (or try it for the first time) we will have to accept that its flavor is amazing. Its flavor and aroma are subtle, they are not saturated with salt, the bacon melts in the mouth and its mass is balanced. Its color? It has to be an intense red since that tells us about a young Iberian pig in order for it to form an adequate muscular and fibrous structure.

We will also learn about pairing and the types of wines that go with the flavor of Guijuelo ham (red aging wines stand out although reserve wines are also an interesting option).

To learn more about Iberian ham we can visit the facilities of the Julián Martín factory (Main street – Filiberto Villalobos 188. Guijuelo). In this tasting we can spend a day at the facilities of the Iberian Ham factory in Guijuelo and tour it to know the dryers and wineries, in addition to the healing process of hams and sausages.

It also includes a course of cuts of Iberian ham and a tasting with the best products, including pure Iberian acorn-fed ham. Finally, we will have time to walk around the store and purchase the products we want. Visits are made every Saturday or week (but only for groups).

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