Guru nightclub

Guru It is considered one of the best nightclubs in Valencia. It is located in the area of ​​Paterna, next to the center playful Heron City. It is known regionally and internationally. Some of the most important DJ’s in the world have passed through its scenario. Its facilities are perfectly divided and has four dance halls.

Guru nightclub

The Guru house, is considered one of the best rooms in the world. Not for its size, but for its lighting and sound quality. Its decoration is avant-garde.
The other room is Guru Club, dedicated to the most popular hits of the house, as well as dance not only current but of all time. It is accurate for remembers. In this room private parties are usually held, such as farewells, weddings and others.

Guru nightclub couple

The living room VIP GuruLike all VIP rooms, it offers great comfort and is ideal for listening to relaxed music and accompanied by the group of friends.

Guru disco dancing

Finally, the room Gururu It is the most pachanguera and commercial part of the disco, where there is a large dance floor to dance without complexes.

Enjoying the music of the DJ in the Guru Disco.

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