Hand luggage in Iberia

Start a troubled trip because of the hand luggage It is a nuisance so if you are going to fly with Iberia We recommend that you follow these instructions on maximum weight and measurements allowed in the carry-on bag

Iberia establishes that the maximum dimensions allowed in hand luggage is 55x40x20 cm, including the handle, wheels and pockets. You may be required to enter it into the measurement holders, which is why it is very important not to exceed this dimension.

You must also enter the upper closed boot or under your seat (it is important to know that if the suitcase cannot comply with any of these indications, it may be withdrawn from our power by Iberia crew at the Boarding Gate to be sent to the airplane hold).

The number of pieces and the maximum weight of these depends on the class in which you travel. Therefore if you travel in Tourist class you are allowed to carry a maximum piece 10 kg, in the case of traveling in busness class you can carry a bulk 14kg and finally if you fly in business plus the luggage can be up to two pieces of a total of 18kg.

This company unlike others also allows you to carry Additional accessories among which is a lady's purse or a small wallet; a coat, a cape or a travel blanket; an umbrella or a cane; a pair of crutches; a small camera / video camera or binoculars; portable crib or folding wheelchair (umbrella type), which is normally carried free of charge in the baggage hold, conveniently labeled; a laptop and a baby bag that allows you to carry your food even if it exceeds the indicated measures.

Flammable, volatile and sharp items cannot be carried in carry-on luggage, in addition, if we wish to carry personal hygiene products such as perfume, toothpaste, among others, they must be packaged in a transparent plastic bag with adhesive closure or zipper type, and whose total capacity does not exceed 1 liter.

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