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Hand luggage on British Airways

If we go to make a trip and we have chosen the British Airways airline To do this, it is important that we know the indications of this airline about the hand and cabin luggage.

In British Airways we will be allowed to carry a cabin luggage which will be composed of hand luggage and a briefcase that can be a handbag or a suitcase laptop. Between both packages we will not be able to exceed 23 kilos of weight and we must be able to lift it to place it in the compartments that are located in the upper part of the airplane seats.

The cabin or cabin suitcase it may not have a dimension greater than 56x45x25 centimeters in total and the personal bag may not exceed 45x36x20 centimeters in total. The suitcase must go in the compartments and the bag can be placed in the lower part of the seat that is in front of ours.

Yes we travel with children who are less than two years old will be allowed to carry an additional bag of items that the baby may require during the flight. Also, if we are going to transport a musical instrument, if it has a size that does not exceed 126 centimeters long we can transport it together with our hand luggage.

In the hand luggage We can carry liquids in individual containers that do not exceed 100 milliliters and must be transported in a transparent plastic bag with closure. This bag may not have a measurement that exceeds 20 × 20 centimeters or have a capacity greater than one liter. (If we travel within the European Union we can buy duty-free liquids at the airport or on board the plane).

It is also important to indicate that there are prohibited items in our hand luggage on British Airways, among them: Disabling devices (such as pepper gas and tear gas), explosives (such as flares and fireworks), electric shock guns, items containing flammable gas, flammable liquids (gasoline, solvents, paint, varnishes), oxidants ( bleach, fertilizers) and toxic substances (herbicides or insecticides).

Finally, we must remember that if we have purchased a product that contains liquid during the flight and we are going to make a connection, we must indicate it to one of the cabin crew so that you place the product with your receipt in a transparent and thermal bag so that we can transport it.

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