Harrod’s – London

The tea merchant Charles Henry Harrod opened in 1849 A small grocery store in the village of Knightsbridge. With the Universal Exhibition of 1851 He saw his business grow. Today it has become the paradise of compulsive consumers.

Harrod's London

The purely Edwardian court building boasts on its facade the shield of the English royal family, which identifies them as official suppliers of the royal house. Win spectacular with the illumination nocturnal

Harrods at Christmas

Their 80,000m² They are spread over 7 floors and 300 apartments. Probably the most remarkable of all is the famous Food Department, which was always a favorite of the royal family. Probably your juquetry Be the best in London.

Harrods Chocolate

The entrance is decorated in ancient Egyptian style. We can remove plans free of stores in the information offices located next to each of the entrances.
Other famous large stores take advantage of the pull of Harrod’s, so you will find them around, transforming this area of ​​the city into the shopping area.

The exact address is 87 from Brompton Roadnext to the subway Knightsbridge.

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