Hiking in León

If we are looking for the best destinations to practice outdoor activities in the lands of León, then we have the main routes.

hiking trails in leon

SpL Around Neighborhoods: an important extension of 17.23 kilometers awaits us, with moderate difficulty levels for hikers with little experience, as well as cyclists, tourists in general, and families with children. Located near Beberino, Castilla y León. Available during any time of the year: summer, spring, autumn, or winter. Approximate duration 5 hours. Prices from 40 euros.

SpL Between Pontedo and Canseco: It is a route that starts from Pontedo, passing through Villanueva del Pontedo, and ending in Canseco. We are talking about a length of 17.62 kilometers, ideal for experienced hikers. The trips have a duration of 5 hours (round trip), with prices starting at 65 euros.

Hiking in León

SpL Around the Rosales Cueto: Now it is the turn to take a look at this fantastic tour for inexperienced hikers, which includes a pass through El Castillo, and passing through the Rosales Cueto. The extension reaches 11.92 kilometers, so it is appropriate for tourists in general, cyclists, and families with children. Prices from 45 euros.

SpL Rioseco, Vega and Monte: This route leaves from Rioseco, passing through Vega and Monte. The starting point is located near Rioseco de Tapia, with a length that reaches 9.16 kilometers. Due to its climatic and geographical conditions, its route is appropriate for hikers, cyclists, tourists, and families with children. Approximate duration of 4 hours, with prices from 35 euros.

Hiking in León

SpL Rackets by Arbas: Ideal for hikers and athletes with experience. It is recommended to go early to return on time. Approximate duration of 7 hours (round trip), with a length of 11.22 kilometers and moderate slope. The starting point is near Viadangos de Arbas, available at any time of the year: spring, summer, winter, and autumn. Prices from 50 euros.

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