Hiking in Toledo

Toledo is not only a destination recognized for its historical and cultural attractions, it is also for its natural spaces. Then we take a tour of the most important natural attractions of Toledo for hiking.

Hiking in Toledo

Via And Path of the Tagus: First of all we have this fascinating 22.39 kilometer route, with a moderate level and recommended for hikers, tourists, cyclists, and families with children. Elevation 116 meters. Approximate duration: 6 hours. Location: near Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha.

Ecological Path of the Tagus in Toledo: But if what you are looking for is a simpler and more practical route, then what we advise you is to go on this tour designed for tourists and families with no experience in the world of hiking. An extension of 3.98 kilometers awaits us, on a trip of approximately 4 hours (round trip). Available 365 days a year, with prices starting at 14 euros.

Hiking in Toledo

Toledo-Torrijos: This is one of the most complex and tedious routes for hikers with proven experience. If you are a professional in the world of hiking, then go ahead and try this exciting tour full of adrenaline, unstable surfaces and a 324-meter drop. Available during the summer, spring and fall season. Prices from 42 euros.

The Tagus of Toledo – Natural Way of the Tagus: Now is the time to take a look at this nice route that reaches 11.54 kilometers, with slopes of approximately 200 meters, and a duration of 5 hours (round trip). Prices from 26 euros.

Toledo hiking

2nd-Track – Santiago – Toledo – Sanabria Palaces: This is one of the most popular references for hiking in Toledo, with a large list of scenarios to travel that requires verifiable experience. That is why several professional walkers are encouraged to travel more than 490 kilometers in length, with moderate difficulty levels. The route leaves through Santiago, passing through Toledo, and arriving at Palacios de Sanabria. Prices from 322 euros.

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