Hiking trails in Gran Canaria

In Viajesjet we take a tour of the most attractive places in Gran Canaria for hiking.

hiking Gran Canaria

Barranco de los Cernicalos: With an extension of 5.85 kilometers, nothing better to know the landscapes of Gran Canaria than going to the Barranco de los Cernicalos, where you can find beautiful panoramic views and different high-altitude peaks. Ideal for walkers, cyclists, backpackers, and families with children. Its location is near Valsequillo de Gran Canaria.

Valsequillo: Another parallel route to the Barranco de los Cernicales has an extension of 7.01 kilometers, with very easy levels and professional assistance for a better experience. Suitable for inexperienced hikers, walkers, cyclists, tourists, and families with children. Prices from 19 euros.

Hiking trails Gran Canaria

Circular Barranco Cernícalos: Here another interesting proposal, with a circular route of moderate level that reaches 9.27 kilometers in length, in addition to slightly unstable surfaces with slopes of 102 meters. Available at any time of the year: spring, summer, winter, and fall. Prices from 25 euros.

Valsequillo of Gran Canaria: The starting point is in Valsequillo, walking for about 7.14 kilometers, with simple difficulty levels, slopes of up to 87 meters, and a trip (round trip) of approximately 6 hours. Available 365 days a year, with prices starting at 15 euros.

Hiking trails in Gran Canaria

Tenteniguada Corner – Valsequillo: This is one of the most requested references by travelers from all over, including 15.96 km routes, with a moderate level and appropriate for hikers with little experience, backpackers and tourists. Approximate duration of 7 hours (round trip), and prices from 28 euros.

Gran Canaria- Valsequillo-San Mateo: This tour has a diversity of tourist spaces and panoramic views, with a length of 8.3 kilometers, slopes of 120 meters and an approximate duration of 7 hours (round trip). Located near Valsequillo de Gran Canaria, this route is designed for experienced hikers. Prices from 21 euros.

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