Hiking trails in León

This is a tour of the most attractive places in León, Spanish municipality located north of the Iberian Peninsula, for hiking:

Around Neighborhoods: In the northern part of León it is possible to find a wide variety of routes and alternative spaces for hiking at a moderate level. In general, the routes have an extension of 17 kilometers. Located near Beberino, Castilla y León. Ideal for experienced hikers.

Between Pontedo and Canseco: With a length of 17.62 kilometers, hiking between Pontedo and Canseco is a real pleasure. Suitable for cyclists, athletes, walkers and families with children. Located near Villanueva del Pontedo, the route includes a duration of approximately 6 hours.

Around the Rosales Cueto: Now it is time to take a walk around Cueto Rosales, one of the most popular spots in León for hiking, with a duration of 6 hours, in addition to a length of 11.92 kilometers. Due to the viability of its routes, this route is quite simple, ideal for athletes, hikers, cyclists and families with children.

hiking routes León

Rioseco, Vega and Monte: This is a simple route, easy to travel, so it is appropriate for athletes without too much experience, as well as family with children. Its length is 9.16 kilometers, with stable surfaces and a wonderful view of the entire city. Location: near Ríoseco de Tapia.

Of rackets by Arbas: With a moderate level, the Arbas tour is available at any time of the year: summer, autumn, spring, or winter. Approximate distance: 11.22 kilometers; difficulty level: moderate; Duration: 7 hours Location: near Viadangos de Arbas.

hiking in León

Rackets for Mallo: if you want to enjoy a day of adventure and beautiful landscapes, then what you need is to go around Mallo, where we can find the best routes to move around different uneven surfaces; with an extension of 16.64 kilometers, at a moderate level and near Mallo de Luna.

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