Hiking trails in the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees or Pyrenees mountain range It covers more than four hundred kilometers from Cape Creus (Mediterranean Sea) to Cape Higuer (Cantabrian Sea), housing peaks that exceed three thousand meters high and are located throughout France, Spain, Andorra and the Iberian Peninsula . In the Pyrenees, the skiing and hiking activities, depending on the time of the year.

Hiking It is the most demanded activity in summer, being an area visited by thousands of tourists who prefer to perform mountain activities and get away from the beaches a bit. In The Pyrenees there are simple areas to explore such as the slopes of Lake San Mauricio and areas for experienced hikers such as the Carros de Fuego road.

The hiking trails They are divided into: great tours (GR) that develop over hundreds and thousands of kilometers. These can be distinguished by their signaling with white and red paint. Y, small tours (PR) that show us specific populations or points. They are marked with white and yellow paint.

Within the main hiking trails in the Pyrenees, we find:

Small tours of Echo. Route consisting of eleven itineraries that reach a length of almost seventy kilometers. This route is ideal to observe forests and landscapes that during the autumn turn multicolored.

Small tours of Torla-Broto. Network consisting of ten itineraries that will allow us to observe the wide variety of flora and fauna in the area. In addition, it has lush forests that will accompany us on the descent down the river.

GR-1 Historic Trail (Aragonese Section). Route of 141 kilometers that will take us from the Bridge of Montañana to Liguerre de Cinca within a path that has sought to revalue the medieval line of Muslim and Christian fortifications in the area.

GR-16 Trails of the Serrablo. Route of 195 kilometers that will take us from Biescas to Nocito within a landscape that will allow us to observe legacies of the Arab culture within the architecture of its Pre-Romanesque Churches. The area is covered with wild pine forests and other representatives of the local flora that give us a landscape full of diversity.

GR-65.3 Camino de Santiago (Aragonese Section). 190 km route that will take us from Summo Portu (Somport) to Muga with Navarra. On the way we will descend through the Canfranc Valley to find bridges, monasteries and castles from the medieval era.

GR-11 Pyrenean Path (Aragonese Section). Route of more than 290 kilometers that is part of the most beautiful and wild routes within the Pyrenees. GR-11 Pyrenean Trail is only recommended for trekking experts as there are often storms, loss of signs and accidents and, there is no clear path or specialized people to ask for guidance.

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