Culture and traditions

History of the Holy Week Marinera

The beginning of the celebration of the Holy Week Marinera, date back to the fifteenth century in the maritime neighborhoods of the city of Valencia, when fishermen and sailors attached to Christian sentiment rooted in their traditions decided to make the celebration of the passion of Christ public.

    The Holy Week

The passion, faith and love for religious traditions began the beautiful processions that began to expand from the neighborhoods of Cabañal through Grao to reach the neighboring community of Alboraya where it began to acquire great popular value,

    Marine Easter Week in Valencia

For the traveler and the tourist who enjoys with all heart and soul to contemplate these beautiful celebrations, Viajesjet advises you the musical procession that visits the main monuments on Holy Thursday, accompanied only by drum percussions, which is why it is called the Tamborada , cheerful!

Then on Good Friday, it is quite interesting and very good experience to visit the streets of Cabañal, next to the port where you can see the classic brotherhoods of the various brotherhoods wearing their high flakes in dark dresses for the ailment of Holy Friday celebrated by the Holy Burial .

    Cofrades of the Holy Week Marinera in Valencia

To end the happiest hour, which is the Easter Sunday parade, a cheerful and colorful celebration that contrasts with the brightness of the sea in the ports of Valencia!

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