Hitchhiking on a trip

Definitely the most intrepid way of every adventurer who intends to discover the ends of the planet in a practical, economical and undoubtedly daring way.


We have all heard stories and seen in movies how many young people venture to the new Europe with nothing more than their backpack and the illusion of knowing the great European continent using no more than the kindness of anyone who is willing to take a stranger on your route This is the main inconvenience of this way of traveling, since today in DIA, we have all been educated since children with the popular phrase of not talking to strangers, then after obtaining our first car license, we were conditioned not to stop before someone hitchhiking for reasons of security and distrust.

Young and adventurous characters who walk before the open sky, carrying out their life project as is a Frenchman who left his home to enter the adventure of traveling the planet by boat and car hitchhiking, today DIA has traveled 170,000 kilometers successfully.

Of course, there is always the exception to the rule, and many of us are excited to meet new people and share stories throughout our lives, not to mention along the road.

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