Holidays in Eurodisney

Eurodisney, whose official name is Disney Land ParisIt is the second Disney amusement park that opened outside of North American territory and is currently one of the most important tourist attractions in France.

Eurodisney hosts the Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney Village, Disney Hotels and Disneyland Golf resorts, adding a total of fourteen hotels; a great variety of souvenir shops and others; Fast-food restaurants; restaurants of local dishes and international cuisine; two convention centers; and a golf course.

This year the amusement park is twenty years old (which has increased the number of people arriving at this destination since it is doing special shows and delivering many offers and discounts to its visitors) having at Disneyland Park the sections: Main Street, street that allows us to enter this world of magical recreation and that takes us to a time of horses and trams there by the early twentieth century; and Frontierland, here we will find eight attractions that will take us through a wild world full of Indians and cowboys. We can visit the Indian Village of Pocahontas, Great Thunder Mountain and the Mansion of the Ghosts.

Other areas of Disneyland park They are Adventureland, although here the atmosphere continues to be Far Eastern style, we will also see tropical landscapes where pirate ships are the most striking. Highlights the attraction of the Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones and the Enchanting Passage of Aladin and Fantasyland, where they all become children again when they see the main attractions set in fairy tales. It is ideal to visit with children as we can enjoy games like The Flight of Peter Pan, The Curious Maze of Alice, The Sleeping Beauty Castle, The Fantastic Journey of Pinocchio and The Carousel of Lancelot.

In the Walt Disney Studios Park we will find attractions related to the theme of animation, cinema and television; like the Front Lot that is set in the Hollywood style; Toon Studio, which features attractions such as Art of Disney Animation (where we will know the best cinematic tricks), Cars Quatre Rally, whose characters are those of the animated films Cars and Crush’s Coaster, an impressive windmill that features Nemo as protagonists and Crush.

For shopping and leisure activities in Eurodisney we have Disney Village where we will find shops of various themes, restaurants, bars and discos such as: Café Mickey, popular for its wood-fired pizza; The Steakhouse, specialist in grilled meats; Annette´s Dinner, ideal for those who want to taste a hamburger in a space set in the 50s and Planet Hollywood.

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