Holidays in Madrid

The city of Madrid has in its calendar many festivities rooted in the Catholic tradition of its population. So we can cite the most important, but do not forget that the leisure and culture agenda of the capital is very rich and varied.

In the month of December, with the lighting of street decoration, the Christmas of light and color of Madrid. A festival with many activities that culminates in the Three Kings Cavalcade on the afternoon of January 5 of each year. Do not forget, if you are in New Years Eve In the city, you must eat the grapes to the clock Sun Gate. Every year thousands of people congregate there to have a big party.

For the month of February the celebrations of Carnivalthen the Easter week With your processions.

He 15 th of May, the patron of the city is celebrated with the San Isidro Fair. Bulls, dances and pilgrimage to the chapel of the Holy liven up these days. But the most traditional of the festivities is in honor of the Virgen de la Paloma, on August 15, with a Verbena that gives its name to the famous zarzuela. La Verbena de la Paloma takes place between chotis dancing, chicken sandwiches and fresh lemonade.

San Isidro Fair in Madrid

In the Hispanic Day, October 12, the parade of the armed forces takes place and also a tribute to the Virgin of Pilar.

Dove Verbena

Already the November 9 the Plaza Mayor celebrates with a Mass its Patron Saint, the Virgin of the Almudena. That day the bakeries sell the traditional roscón and no Madrid skips the tradition of acquiring it.

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