Holidays in Tunisia

Spend a holiday in Tunisia It is the magnanimous criterion of the eastern traveler, and that is that Tunisia is one of the most beautiful countries in the African region visited especially in its summer season to enjoy delicious beaches, which mimic its quality in environmental delicacy.

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So we can enjoy our vacation with a Kerkennas archipelago or one Djerba Island worthy of admiring with time and calm.

On the one hand the Tunisian beaches bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, they are perfect for those who love water sports such as diving, swimming or snorkeling.

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Tunisia Capital is an ideal place to visit as a couple or alone thanks to its markets and enjoying the organized tours that take us through the most important areas of this country such as the city of Hammamet, full of jasmine that wait for you.

Sidi Bou SaidIt is also another destination that is worth visiting with typical houses and buildings painted white with light blue doors and windows. Almost as heavenly as Ibiza.

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