Holidays – Lugo

The Lugo festivities They are generally linked to ancestral traditions and a varied and appetizing cuisine that tempts all attendees.

He Carnival or Entroido from February It is one of the liveliest parties with its parades through the streets, music and traditions of each parish. All accompanied by the traditional “cachuchas”(Pig's heads) with turnip greens and the inevitable filloas, some exquisite typical sweets.
The celebration of Corpus, in JuneAlthough it is strictly religious it is very important. The Offering of the Kingdom of Galicia to the Blessed Sacrament That, we must remember, the Cathedral has the privilege of continuously exhibiting.

June also brings the celebration of Lucus burns, a recent festival of great popular acceptance that sets the city in Roman times, with the installation of a Roman camp where volunteer legionaries receive orders in Latin and are instructed in the art of war. César (the mayor) reads the proclamation and a series of celebrations typical of that time take place in the city. Camp and Roman circus come alive through the representation of all ancient skills and rituals.

Among the most anticipated: Patron saint festivities of San Froilán, in the first fortnight of the month of October. Your most important days: October 5 and the following Sunday “Domingo das Mozas”. The booths of fairs are filled with people who come to eat the octopus and drink the wines of the area, from all over the region. Verbenas, performances, crafts fair, theater, sports tournaments and more, the big party brings activities for everyone.

Of course, as in any city with a seafaring tradition, the celebration of Our Lady of Carmenon the 16th of July, has a very important place in the calendar.

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