Holidays – Málaga

The parties from the city of Malaga they are many throughout the summer, but also in winter. We will only highlight the busiest and most commented. Get ready to plan your trip!
The Carnivals They are big-rooted parties. They are carried out over 10 days, with the election of God Momo and the Goddess of Carnival, the Murgas and Comparsas Festival, parades, parades of murgas and floats, a great dance and the end with The Burial of the Boquerón, with fireworks on the beach. A promise of fun guaranteed.

The Easter malagueña is declared International party of touristic interest. It stands out for the monumentality of its steps and the popular fervor that awakens in each neighborhood. No one can with emotion to the throne of the Captive or of Christ of the Good Death escorted by the Legion which lands in the port. Or when by the intercession of Our Father Jesus “The Rich” A prisoner is released from his sentence.

The parties and Malaga

The San Juans night It starts two days before June 24. Each neighborhood builds the “Júas”, big rag dolls stuffed with sawdust and paper, grotesquely caricaturing the popular characters. Then they will burn, usually on the beach and traditional rites will take place such as jumping the bonfire and getting wet in the sea.

Flamenco at Malaga parties

On July 16, the procession of the Virgin of Carmen. That concludes with the boat trip with the procession of all the boats in the port.

Horse cars in Malaga

But the Malaga’s carnival, in the month of August, it is the great summer party. Born to commemorate the incorporation of Malaga to the Crown of Castile in August 1487. It is currently a meeting of international tourism with Malaga traditions. Here the protagonists are horses, carriages, riders, gypsy costumes, and obviously, flamenco, tapas and wine. Can anyone ask for more?

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