Holidays – Mallorca

The most important holidays on the island of Majorca they are very related to the saints and the parties religious. There are many parties that we can highlight. In all of them they walk giants and xeremiers, musicians who play the xeremia – Mallorcan bagpipe – and they light up Fireworks.

Holidays in Mallorca

The parties of San Antonio Abad are made in Palm and many other villages, with bonfires and the blessing of animals. They are related to ancient fertility rites. The celebrations of Artà and Sa Pobla, where a typical dish with eels and spinach is prepared: the espedada.

Very busy and important is the party of Saint Sebastian, in January and to the lake of the different towns. It gains so much strength because he was the one who book on the island of the plague. Bonfires, concerts and giants are not lacking, all accompanied by the best typical cuisine.

Carnival in Palma de Mallorca

The favorite: the carnivals, known as Sa Rua. They are celebrated in all the municipalities of Mallorca with parades of floats, costumes, dances in the streets and eating the famous ensaimadas.

Fiestas in Palma

The Easter week With all its rites it is well known too. Processions and steps with Nazarenes leading to Christ invade the streets of the island. The acts of Artà and Pollença They are very important. They accompany the empanadas made with lamb meat, panades, and the typical Pasqua frit. Finally, the sweets: robiols and crespells.
The second Monday of May is celebrated in Soller the party of Moors and Christians, thus opening a string of popular celebrations throughout the summer In the different locations.

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