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Holidays with babies: choose hotel

If we go to travel with a baby One of the decisions that we should most consider is the accommodation we will choose, since when we travel with children so young we must think about the needs of comfort, services, spaces, cleanliness and others, which we will require so that our stay is one hundred percent gratifying.

Within the points that we must take into account when choosing a hotel to travel with babies we have:

β€’ The ideal is stay in a hotel since although the budget will be variable we will have a room and private bathroom, in addition to cleaning the room and breakfast. To find out about the alternatives we will have, we can find out online, travel agencies or with friends who have also traveled with babies.

β€’ It is important that you are close to the places we will visit in order to avoid having to travel by car for several hours with the baby.

β€’ We will have to hire a room with a minibar to be able to use it to store bottles and pots to feed the baby. It is also ideal to have a nursery, babysitters, laundry and cribs for the room.

β€’ A hotel with an all-inclusive system is usually ideal, if so we will have a buffet available where we can select some foods for the baby without worrying about extra expenses.

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