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Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala

We couldn’t really mention any better place at all Central America where Holy Week is celebrated with such fervor in an environment that lends itself in an “Ideal” way for its processions, the brotherhoods and these beautiful statues that remind of the life and passion of Christ, versiontravel tells you about the Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala!

  • Streets of Antigua Guatemala
  • The city that was once the capital of the kingdom in Central America, the Antigua Guatemala It has a charm and magic that transforms the life and soul of every tourist who visits it, regardless of the date. But there is a much greater charm even when the traditions of Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala embellish its streets and homes with colorful and beautiful carpets in all shades of sawdust, shavings and scented flowers that shape all kinds of manual art in honor to Christ.

  • Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala
  • For you who wish to travel to the Antigua Guatemala To enjoy one of the most beautiful and dedicated festivities in this beautiful city, Viajesjet advises you to book in hotels in advance as Antigua Guatemala becomes one of the most sought-after and tourist places during this season!

  • Carpets of Antigua Guatemala
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