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Holy Week in Valencia

Starting from Palm Sunday in March, many countries dress up to celebrate one of the largest and most traditional festivities in the world, welcome to The Holy Week. Today, Viajesjet invites you to travel to Valencia to get to know a somewhat different way of celebrating Holy Week.

    Photos of Valencia

The Holy Week in Valencia, it is celebrated practically under the same dates, beginning with the Palm Sunday until the Sunday of Resurrection, although the acts of the beautiful and dedicated processions begin from March 13, which for this occasion coincides exactly with the festivities of San José until 19 when the failures ended. The interesting thing about Holy Week in Valencia and that at the same time makes it a unique opportunity to contemplate a different way of living Holy Week, is in itself the way to celebrate it under its name, “Holy Week Marinera” and in itself the arrea that passes, being this through the streets of the maritime districts of Grao, the Cabañal and the Cañamelar, who gave rise to the festivities at the public level, in the fifteenth century.

    Marine Easter Week in Valencia

The Holy Week Marinera of Valencia, receives this name because its tradition constitutes a celebration for the sea districts of Grao and Cabanyal, first initiated by fishermen and sailors, this is where its name comes from.

    The Nazarenes of the Holy Week Marinera

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