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Holy Week – Peru

The Easter week in Peru it is a special time of the year. Each city has special traditions that are attractive to foreign tourists who come to this country every year to witness the festivities that take place on those days.

Procession in Ayacucho

One of the most popular destinations in Easter week It’s Ayacucho In this city there is an overwhelming and dramatic religious fervor during Holy Week and the whole town participates in dramatizations of the last days of Jesus.

Ten days are celebrated in Ayacucho, with presentations, processions, songs, dances. Although absolute seriousness is kept during the days of condemnation and crucifixion, the rest of the days are jubilant, especially when it is the first Sunday of resurrection.

Easter week

Another place to visit at this time of year in Peru is, without a doubt, Cajamarca. Around 42 communities live on Easter days in a special way. They build huge wooden crosses that are adorned with flowers of all kinds in addition to religious crafts. At midnight on Saturday people start loading the crosses for six hours. At dawn the image of Jesus is uploaded to a donkey and after him the villagers parade carrying their huge crosses for more than 4 hours.

Easter holidays

The religiosity, faith and the physical support of the people who carry these gigantic crosses are a spectacle that leaves more than one tourist who comes to words Cajamarca for the holidays.

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