Hot springs and spas in Orense

The Ourense hot springs and spas They have 5 million liters of water that flow daily in more than 70 springs. They are a true reference of the world’s thermal tourism. They are in an incomparable environment and with a historical-artistic heritage of great value.

This immense underground sea that emerges in dozens of sources, led to the city being declared in 2007 Thermal Capital of Galicia. They make up a special place for relaxation, enjoyment and health. Ourense is one of the largest thermal water reservoirs, 300 liters per minute when the usual average in other places is 2 or 3 liters.

The hot spring route It starts in the center of the city and travels about 14 kilometers from The Burgas, since Roman times, in the first century B.C., in the heart of the historic city center.

On the left bank of Miño, the first stop will be at Chavasqueira Baths, a viewpoint to the river with open-air outdoor pools and no bath time throughout the year, next to a private Zen-style spa.

Fountain of the Tinteiro It is the next stop, with waters for diseases and skin problems. Three kilometers later we find the pools of Muiño das Veigas that give way to Outariz Thermal Station, with waters especially recommended for rheumatism and arthritis. Seven outdoor pools in high quality private facilities. Beside the free public pools of Outariz 1 and 2.

All the excellent tour can be done in the Hot Springs Train, with a € 2 ticket or if we feel like walking, the landscape that accompanies the hot springs and the river is of great beauty.

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