Hotels in China

The Hotels in China They are very numerous, so it is rare that you do not find one to stay. However, if you want to get a good quality it is vital to book early. Internet and you credit card they can be convenient and fast tools, but not many hotels use Credit cards —Particularly the smallest and cheapest. These usually ask cash payment With a security deposit. Some allow you to book and pay in cash already at the hotel. RememberAlways carry the reservation confirmation sheet.

Hotels 3 to 4 stars are very comfortable and not very expensive. Prices per room range from ¥ 150 (17 euros) to more than ¥ 300 (34 euros), depending on luxury. All usually have western standards, with private bathrooms with towels and other complementary objects. The breakfasts can be included or you can buy a voucher for around ¥ 10 (1.10 euros). The most common chains and known are JJ Inn, Rujia Home Inn and Motel 168.

The most luxurious hotels They usually belong to international chains such as the Marriot, Hyatt or Shangri-La. These can cost thousands of yuan per night. For example, there are suites in Shanghai that cost ¥ 10,000 (1,137 euros) per night. Some Hotels in the range of ¥ 400-700 (44 to 74 euros) as the Ramada or the Days Inn usually lower their prices if it is low season.

It should be noted that prices in China they are always negotiableeven in the best Hotels. Never stop asking what is the lowest price. Staying several days plays in your favor. All negotiation techniques are useless during the high season, when prices soar and rooms are scarce.

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