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How to choose the most suitable cruise?

Every year the demand of tourists for the cruise trips Therefore, when we decide to opt for one, we must analyze the services, offers, routes, duration, among others. Do youHow to choose the best cruise?, in Viajesjet we offer you a series of tips that will be useful when choosing.

The first is the route. What kind of destination are we looking for? A walk through the Mediterranean, through the Caribbean, through Antarctica? If we travel in a group, it is best to reach a consensus among all travelers, if we travel alone, we can guide ourselves through the best season of the year in each destination or by the geographical region that generates the most interest.

Yes we travel with children or as a couple, we can check on it travel agency on what type of route is the most suitable for our tastes. To all this, we must add that it is important to also consult on the agenda of the cruise and the services it provides, we will spend a lot of time on board and it will be ideal to choose a cruise with activities that are of our interest (in some there are many parties, in others activities such as the casino or group activities prevail, in others the stops on exotic beaches, etc).

The second is to see the cruise offers that are available throughout the year. Depending on the route, number of days and season, the agencies offer different promotional prices. Although, here it is important to be careful and consult everything you need before signing the contract because many times the discounts of ten or twenty percent are only linked to internal cabins or limited services and the difference in expenses will come out even more than paying the external cabin rate or cabin with terrace. On other occasions the offer is only related to the price of the cabin and in addition we will have to cancel services such as insurance, transport and port expenses, food and drinks not included, shore excursions and tips.

The third is to see which cruise offers us better services in relation to our needs. For example, if we travel in a group it will be better to travel on a cruise with rooms for groups of 5 to 6 people (thus the cost of accommodation will be lower), choose the cruises that provide traveling with children without paying until referential ages (some until 5 years others, even up to twelve years old), and, perhaps the most important thing when traveling with children is that the hired cruise ship has a cancellation insurance Well, sometimes there may be a setback and many agencies do not talk about this service to make last minute changes.

Finally, the most important thing in cruise trips is to avoid unnecessary expenses, for example: do not use services such as laundry, beauty salon or dry cleaning (as you do not have another option apart from those provided by the cruise it is certain that these services have very high prices); buy beverage vouchers or purchase a drinks package so that you can consume drinks with lower prices than buying them by units; and finally, avoid connecting to the internet since WiFi bonuses and plans They are expensive and you could allocate that money to have fun in other leisure offers such as discos, casinos, bars, etc.

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