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How to get around Venice

After Rome, Venice It’s one of the touristic destinations most requested from Italy. Getting to the heart of the city underwater means venturing into a journey that involves travel in water taxis, gondolas or traghettos. Moving from one extreme to another would never be as fun as the possibilities of transportation offered by a place like Venice:

Vaporetto Like traditional transport services such as taxis, buses in Venice are water. The lines and hours of service are available from 04:30 until 00:30 hours with a fare of 6.50 euros a ticket that lasts sixty minutes. Although transportation by vaporetto is a habitual habit of the Venetians, we can transport ourselves between streets and places from the passive calm of this water bus.

Water taxi It is a personalized service and it is made up of large boats. Transportation in water taxis is usually a luxury for tourists, however, it is important to clarify that each boat includes groups of up to ten people. So that we have an idea of ​​the cost of the water taxi, we can say that from the airport to the city center we will have to pay 100 to 150 euros depending on the contracted company.

Gondola. This transport is ideal for the transport of tourists. With the gondolas we can go through the main stages and places of interest in Venice on the edge of a gondola, which includes a guide to different environments and destinations of greater interest (museums, buildings, complexes, squares, among others).

Traghetto If you are going to cross the Grand Canal then it is necessary to get on board the traghettos, the means of water transportation for areas in Venice where there are no bridges. In addition to being a comfortable and comfortable trip, they are also cheap (the price to cross the canal goes from fifty cents to one euro).

Bus. Nor will the means of land transport recommended for trips of small sections such as moving from one street to another. The use is not very frequent but remains at the service of all. The price of the bus ticket has an average of one euro and thirty cents for more than 75 minutes of validity.

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