How to get there – A Coruña

How A Coruña it is very well connected we can get of many ways.

By plane:

He A Coruña Airport, also known as Alvedro, is 8 kilometers from the city center, which we arrive in 15 minutes by bus from ASICASA or by taxi. This airstation has direct flights from Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Seville, Lisbon, Amsterdam and London, with airlines Iberia, Vueling, Spanair, Tap and Air-Nostrum.
Another nearby airport is that of Santiago de Compostela, 65 kilometers away.

By highway:

A Coruña pass the Highway A-9 which connects A Coruña with Ferrol and Portugal, the Carballo Highway, the Northwest Highway A-6 that links with Madrid and the National 634 that connects with all the north until France. This road network is used by many companies in national and international coaches They arrive from all over Europe.

By train:

On the one hand Renfe arrives with trains from Long distance from Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao. The trains Regional They travel from Santiago, Vigo, Ferrol and Monforte. The train station is in Joaquín Planells Riera s / n.

By sea:

The modern Port of A Coruña, known for his Maritime Control Tower, is located in the center of the city. Boats from all parts of the world anchor in it, from transatlantic to small yachts, to which it offers all necessary port services.

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