How to get there – Almería

TO Almeria You can arrive in different ways:

By air:

To the Almeria airport, which is 9 kilometers from the city and 500 meters from the sea, in a very striking location, flights arrive from Spain and several important European cities.
From there we will reach the center in cab, worth approximately € 11 the race or in regular buses from the company Surbus, for a € 0.95 ticket. Keep in mind that you cannot get on the bus with packages or luggage that may disturb other passengers.

Photo: Schumi4ever

Photo: Schumi4ever

By highway:

Through the Mediterranean Highway, the A-92 and the N-340. With intercity buses that arrive from all Andalusia, the rest of Spain and cities of France like Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and Nantes. The Intermodal Station is in the Plaza de la Estación, 6 of the city.

Transportation to Almeria

By rail:

The train of Renfe Almeria joins Granada and Seville with the service of Middle distance. Those of Long Tour they join it with Madrid, and Barcelona. Trains arrive at the Intermodal Station.

Almeria Intermodal Station

By sea:

To the Port of Almeria International cruises enter. There are also regular lines that link it to the North African coast, with Melilla, Ghazaouet and Nador. Navigation companies are Transmediterranean, Limadet, Comarit and Ferrimaroc.

Photo: Schumi4ever

Photo: Schumi4ever

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