How to get there – Athens

Travel in plane It is the most convenient and even cheap way to get to Athens. The Elefthérios Venizélos International Airport It is the largest in the country and the region. It receives about 15 million passengers and more than 70 airlines from around the world. It is 20 km from the center of Athens and borders the suburb of Spatá. From the Airport you can take the meter (6 euros) or the E95 line (3.20 euros) to reach the city.

Airline to Athens

If you have enough time you can travel by ferry to Athens. The trip starts from Italy (Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi) and is long (21 hours), but it has charm and beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. The main companies are Minoan, Anek, Superfast, Blue Star, Ventouris, Agoudimos and HML. Prices depend on the company and the season, but are between 100 and 170 euros. All companies have buses that take passengers from the port of Patras to Athens.

Ferry from Italy to Greece

Other less popular options are to go in car or train. The routes in car they used to go through Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia, but now there is also a route through Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. The costs in gasoline and tolls can be greater than 300 euros (from Italy). Hopefully the trip is done in 20 hours. It is more advisable to drive to Italy and take a ferry. All trains to Greece They connect in Budapest and Sofia. In the summers there is a direct route from Prague.

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