How to get there – Bilbao

The Bilbao airport receive a large number of flights from all over Europe. Airlines like Lufthansa, Spanair, Air France, Air Berlin, Iberia, Air Europa or low cost airlines such as TuiFly, AerLingus, Easy Jet or Vueling.

To get to the city from the airport you can take the Bizkaibus from the sidewalk of the arrival area. It leaves every half hour to the city terminal (Termibus). The ticket price of a single ticket is 2 euros. You can also go in cab for 25 to 30 euros

As for the trains There are 3 options that arrive in Bilbao:

  • RENFE: with trains since Madrid, Barcelona Y Vigo. They arrive at the Abando Station
  • FEVE: regional trains from Santander (3 daily) and Lion (1 daily). They are quite slow because they have stops in almost every town they pass through. They arrive at the Santander Station (very close to that of Abandoning).
  • EuskoTren: gives local service from Saint Sebastian and Irun. Trains arrive at the Atxuri Station.

The buses connect Bilbao with several cities cheaper and more frequently than trains. most of buses they arrive at the TermiBus Station. There are frequent connections with Santander (90 minutes), Saint Sebastian (60 minutes), Madrid (4 to 5 hours), Barcelona (7 hours), Pamplona (2 hours), among others.

There are some freeways To enter the city. The highway A8 connect Saint Sebastian and the french border. The A68 connect Bilbao with Barcelona Y Burgos. Since Valladolid it is reached by Castilla highway. Since Madrid Take the North Highway to Castilla. Since Santander you must go by the ARoute of the Cantabrian.

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