How to get there – Budapest

The most affordable way to reach Budapest It is by plane, all flights arrive directly at Ferihegy International Airport which is 15 kilometers from the city center. They fly here from European cities, from North America, as well as from Egypt and Cyprus, staying at the airport hotel is possible, there is one within its facilities “Stacio Hotel”Although you can also make reservations for another, if you wish.

Budapest airport

You can transport yourself to the city center through buses, trains, minibuses and taxis. Trains leave from Terminal 1 towards the Central Station and they arrive in just 30 minutes, their normal travel schedule is from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. You also have the centrum-bus and the red bus No. 93 that take you to the center of Budapest, with departures every thirty minutes.

Arrival to Budapest bridge

With regard to train transport, Budapest has direct contact with up to 25 major cities, daily leaving more than 50 trains with international destination, if you are in Europe it is an excellent way to get to Hungarian capital.

A very curious way to get to Hungary is on foot or by bike, and although the vigilantes do not see it with good eyes, it is very common to see people from Romania, Serbia and Montenegro or Croatia arrive in this way, so peculiar.

Arrive by bicycle

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