How to get there – Huelva

To the city of Huelva We can arrive in several ways since it is very well connected with the entire peninsula.

Renfe de Huelva Station

By plane:

Despite not having its own airport, the city is 100 kilometers from the Seville airport and 114 of Faro airport in Portugal. From both there are very fluid connections.

Buses in Huelva

By highway:

We can arrive from any other city of Andalusia with the V Centennial Highway, also called A-49. From Extremadura on the N-435. From Portugal with European highway E-01 (it is the IP-1 in Portugal and in Spain it corresponds to the A-49). The highway to Seville is the one that connects Huelva with the rest of the peninsula.
The long and medium distance buses arrive at the modern Station of the Doctor Rubio Avenue, in the center of the city. The company Ladies It has daily connections with Seville, but companies Alsa, Autovías, Sánchez or Alsina-Graells, among others, they also have regular services from Spain and Portugal.

Renfe trains

By train:

From Seville there are three services of Regional Express newspapers that arrive in 1 hour and 35 minutes worth € 8.30 the one-way ticket. There are daily connections to Madrid directly with the Alvia. The Renfe Train Station It is located on Av. De Italia s / n.

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