How to get there – Jaén

There are three ways to get to Jaén:

Photo: Daquella Way

Photo: Daquella Way

In planeat Federico García Lorca Airport of Granada-Jaén, where flights arrive from the Spanish capitals and several European destinations. To travel the 106 kilometers that separate it from Jaén we can go in bus for € 8.60, although there are few daily services. The tourist bus company Jaen Transfers It also covers the route, adapting its schedules to the flights. You can too rent a car In the same airport.

Jaén bus station

By highway, highlight the autovías del Olivar and the A44 that unite it with Bailén and Granada. In bus, can be reached thanks to the wide range of companies that connect Jaén with Andalusia, Madrid and the European capitals. Bus lines within the province are integrated and offer very competitive rates.

Photo: Kordas

Photo: Kordas

Another option is to arrive in train. Daily trains leave from your terminal Renfe bound for Andalusia and Madrid. In the future it will connect to Jaén through the High Speed ​​line (bird). There is currently a Shuttle bird to Seville but at normal speed of Middle distance.

Some distances:

Granada: 92.4 kilometers
Malaga: 203.2 kilometers
Seville: 281.3 kilometers
Madrid: 336.2 kilometers
Barcelona: 803.5 kilometers

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