How to get there – Lisbon

The airport largest international of Lisbon Y Portugal is he Portela Airport4km northeast of the city center. It is the center of activity of the TAP Portugal airline, which has an extensive network of destinations throughout Europe, Africa and the Americas. Next to this, the world’s leading airlines arrive at this airport.

To go from airport To the city there are several options. The first is the Airbus (line 91). It leaves every 20 minutes between 07:00 and 21:00. The Aeroshuttle get to the center via Sete Rios bus stop and the financial district. The price of tickets on both is 3.50 euros and are valid for all buses and trams for one day. Bus lines 5, 8, 22, 44, 45 and 83 are another option. The ticket has a cost of 1.40 euros. Finally you can take a cab, but not highly recommended due to the high history of scams. The rate usual to the center is 10 euros and 1.20 euros per piece of luggage is added. You can also buy a voucher cab for 18 euros that takes you anywhere in Lisbon.

Most train passengers from Madrid and Paris arrive at the Santa Apolonia Terminal, the largest in the city. There are two trains newspapers between Madrid and Lisbon. The trip takes 10 hours. The trains from the north and east of Portugal They also arrive at this station. The Gare da Oriente (East Platform) in Urbe Expo It is one of the most modern terminals and receives trains from all over Portugal (Porto, Sintra Beiras, Minho and Douro).

This last terminal also receives services from bus from the north and from Spain. Companies such as Auto-Res, Renex and Eurolines reach Gare Da Oriente. The Sete Rios Terminal It receives local companies that provide connections from Porto, Coimbra, Evora, and Evora. There are about 10 daily buses per city.

Obviously, the only way to get to Lisbon By car it is through Spain. The roads are in a moderately good state. From Madrid, take the N620 road to the southeast through Salamanca and Ciudad Rodrigo, and reach the border in Fuentes de Onoro. TO Lisbon can be reached by several freeways. The main one is the A6 that arrives from the Madrid route. From the South the A2 stops by the 25 de Abril bridge. From the A2 you can take the A12 to go by the Vasco da Gama bridge It has less traffic. From the north the A1 reaches the airport from the city.

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