How to get there – Pamplona

The Pamplona airport It is 7km south of the city. It has regular flights from Madrid and Barcelona through Iberia, and from Lisbon with TAP. Since the airport It is small, travelers coming from other cities arrive at the airports of Bilbao (156km), Zaragoza (170km) and Biarritz (115km) in France.

Line 21 of bus leaves the airport every 30 minutes to the city bus station; Sundays and holidays leave every 60 minutes. The price of the ticket is 1.25 euros. Taxis usually charge 13 euros to Pamplona. The Airport It is connected to the PA-31 motorway, so you can reach the city in about 10 minutes.

To Pamplona Bus Station most vehicles arrive from the main cities of Spain. There is buses Regular from Bilbao (11.60 euros), Vitoria (6.80 euros), Logroño (7 euros), San Sebastián (6.50 euros), Soria (11.10 euros) Madrid (24.29 euros) and Barcelona ( 33.50 euros).

Pamplona receives 3 trains daily from Madrid (48.50 euros), 3 from Barcelona (31 euros), 3 from San Sebastián (18.30 euros), 4 from Vitoria (4.10 euros) and 5 from Tudela (12.50 euros ). The train station The city is somewhat remote, but it is connected to the center by bus 9, which leaves every 15 minutes.

To arrive in car from Madrid or Barcelona you must enter through the AP-15 highway —This has a toll of 8 euros. They are, in total, about four hours of travel from Madrid to Pamplona. From the north you enter through the highway A-15, which is free until Irurzun; then you pay 2 euros up Pamplona.

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