How to get there – Prague

The best way to reach Prague It is by air. The Ruzyně International Airport receive the main airlines from all over Europe. Czech Airlines has its base there and provides connections with the most important European cities. The airport is 20 km northwest of the city.

To get to Prague From the airport you can take the city bus. The price of a one-way ticket is 26 CZK (1 Euro). You can buy it in dispensing machines or the driver. Foreign currencies are not accepted in any of the cases. There is also the Bus Express of Airport. It leaves every 30 minutes between 05:46 and 09:16. The cost of the ticket is 50 CZK (2 euros). It will take you to the Dejvická metro stop, from where you can go anywhere in the city. Finally, the company AAA Radiotaxi has an agreement with the Airport, for what are the taxis More safe and reliable. The trip to the city usually costs between 500 and 700 CZK (20 to 25 euros).

As for the trains, all international routes arrive at the central terminal “Praha hlavní nádraží”, which has a connection with the underground line C. The trains Eurocity connect to Prague with Berlin (5 hours), Vienna (4 to 5 hours) and Budapest (6 hours and a half). It is a comfortable way to travel, although not very fast (120 km / h) since the Czech train network is not prepared for high speeds. Connections with other western countries such as France are complicated and not very common because the German rail network (mandatory transit) has no direct connections between the west and east.

You can go to Prague in highway from the German cities of Brno (highway D1 / D2), Dresden (E55) and Berlin (E55). From Belgium the best route is the highway E40 to Cologne, then E31 to Heildelberg and E50 across the German / Czech border at Waidhaus / Rozvadov. From Vienna you must take the highway E59 towards D1. From Warsaw and Wroclaw take the E67. The entrance to Prague is slow because it does not yet have a ring of freeways.

All the buses to Prague they arrive at the Florenc bus terminal – 600 meters from the central train station. The main international operator is Eurolines. To know its routes and prices consult its Web page:

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