How to get there – Rio de Janeiro

To get to Rio de Janeiro the most advisable thing is to do it through a international flight. This city has airports that receive commercial flights from various parts of the world, including, above all, to Europe.

Santos Dumont

For example, him Galeo Airport It is very close to the city center, only 15 kilometers away and there are buses They do the tour relatively quickly.

There is also the Santos Dumont Airport which is deep within the city, so much so that it is practically in the center of it. Usually most of their flights are connections that arrive from Sao Paulo. This airport is a widely used option to reach Rio de Janeiro since Sao Paulo.

Rio de Janeiro It is composed of a group of islands interconnected by modern roads so the traveler does not realize that when he goes down the track what he actually does in crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The ground transportation It is usually effective, as long as it is not done at peak times, because traffic is insufferable in Rio de Janeiro.

Santos Dumont Airport

Once you have reached the airport the best thing to do is take one of the buses, if it is known where to get off. Or take the taxi services. Taxi drivers usually speak English or Spanish, as the number of tourists is abundant. You can also use the meter but this is more effective for moving between points in the same city.

Here you can see the video of the last construction works carried out in the Santos Dumont Airport.

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