How to get there – San Sebastián

Saint Sebastian It has several airport options due to its proximity to important cities. The closest is its own Airport just 20 km from the city center. You can reach the city in the bus i2 for 2 euros. The Biarritz airport in France it is 50km away. From there you can go to the Hendaye station, from where a Basque Country will take you to Saint Sebastian for 1.35 euros. The Bilbao airport It is 100km away. You can take a bus to Saint Sebastian for 15 euros. Finally from Vitoria —At 114km— you can take a bus for 7.50 euros.

The trains they arrive from France, Portugal and, of course, Spain. There are two terminals of train in San Sebastian: the RENFE, for national and international trains, and the Amara terminal (Basque Country) for the local network. Through the first one passes a line that connects Paris with Madrid. In addition there are 7 daily services from Madrid (34.50 euros) and two from Barcelona (35.50 euros). In the case of Amara, there is trains from the Hendaye (1.35 euros), Irún (1.35 euros), Tickets (1.15 euros) and Bilbao (5.70) via Zarautz, Zumaia and Durango.

The buses They are generally cheaper and with easier routes. Everyone arrives and leaves the bus station from Saint Sebastian. There are numerous buses daily from Vitoria (1 hour and a half), Bilbao (1 hour) Pamplona (1 hour), Madrid (5 hours and a half), Burgos (3 hours and a half), among others. The main companies are Continental Auto, WEIGHT, Roncalesa and La Burundesa.

By car, the main road from the south is the highway A1 from Madrid via Vitoria. The highway A8 connect Saint Sebastian with Bilbao to the west and with France to the east. To avoid the toll you can take the N634 that is virtually parallel to the A8.

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