How to get there – Sevilla

Seville capital is probably the gateway to Andalusia, for its excellent communications.

Flight to Seville

By air:

The Seville International Airport (formerly São Paulo), offers regular flights to the main European and Spanish capitals.
Located 12 kilometers northwest of the city of Seville, to reach the center we can do it by bus for € 2.30, by taxi for € 20, or rent a car.

Seville airport

By sea:

The only inner harbor of Spain is that of Seville, on the Guadalquivir. This port, located 80 kilometers from the mouth of the Mediterranean, has an intense traffic of cruise ships and freight lines.

Cruise to Seville

By train:

To Santa Justa Station from Seville capital comes the High Speed ​​Train, bird. The trip from Madrid lasts two and a half hours and since Cordova, 40 minutes. Daily trains leave to the other Andalusian provinces and to the communities of Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura and Madrid.


By highway:

Seville has an excellent link for highways and highways with all the Andalusian capitals and with the rest of Spain and Portugal.
Many private companies offer bus transportation even to towns that are not connected to rail. Among other: Alsa, Condama, Socibús, Eurolines and Unionbús.

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