How to get there – Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and therefore one of the most important cities in this country. At present there are many transport routes that allow you to reach this territory, although you have to have knowledge about some important aspects.

If you are in Spain or in any country of the American continent, you have to keep in mind that the vast majority of airlines They do not make direct flights to Japanese lands. Almost all airlines make stops at various points in Europe such as London, Paris and Frankfurt.

Another point to keep in mind is that while Tokyo has two airports (Haneda and Narita), flights from Europe always land on the first. The two main airlines of Japan are Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways. Narita International Airport (75 km northeast of Tokyo) is the most important in Japan and receives daily flights from different parts of Europe, the United States, Oceania and others.

From there you can choose between different transports such as bus, train or taxis to reach the city center (the latter can cost you about 200 euros). The buses will leave you directly at the most important hotels in the city, the average ticket price being 30 euros. If you choose to arrive by train, you have three alternatives:

Narita Express of the Japan railways line. Narita Express trains arrive in Tokyo in one hour and in 90 minutes to Sinjuku. The price of the ticket with reserved seat is 35 euros. It also has routes to Yokohama.

Skyliner of the Keisei line. The price of the ticket with a reserved seat is 18 euros and is destined for the Ueno station.

Trains of the Keisei- Nippori-Ueno-JR Tokyo line. This is the cheapest service with prices ranging from 6 to 15 euros, does not have reserved seats and the route takes an hour on average.

Many tourists do not choose Tokyo as their first destination during their visit to Japan. If you want to reach the capital from other parts of the country the best option is the train, since it is one of the means of transport with the best infrastructure in this nation. The bullet train is used daily by many passengers, since in a couple of hours you can connect cities like Kyoto and Osaka with Tokyo.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the Tokyo harbor where we find ferries to mobilize. It is the least recommended option (it is slow and more expensive) but it is still a viable way to get to Tokyo from other important ports in Southeast Asia. He Tokyo Ferry Port It is located in Ariake, for more information about the arrival and departure times of the port we can contact (03) 3501 0889.

There are no services international ferry but if numerous services that link Tokyo with the cities of Shikoku, Okinawa and Kyushu. Ticket prices range between 180 and 450 euros. If we buy a round trip ticket we will get a forty percent discount on the final price.

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