How to get to Arequipa – Peru

Arequipa It is located in the south of Peru and its access is relatively simple. However, it should be noted that it is a city of heights, since it is 2,353 meters above sea level. The distance from Lima, the capital of the country, is 1003 kilometers and from Tacna, the nearest city is 270 kilometers.

To arrive by air you must take a flight from Lima, there are every day and the duration is not more than one hour. There are several commercial lines who take care of the route Lima – Arequipa and prices are accessible, the average being 95 dollars (round trip ticket).

Once you reached the Arequipa airport You can take a taxi to the city center or find out in the same airport with one of the several guides that are usually to help tourists, this time is conducive to find accommodation or ask for a specific address.

To arrive by road, you must travel on the road known as the South Pan American, is called that because it is responsible for connecting all the countries of the southern area of ​​America, from Panama to Chile. You can travel by private car or if you do not feel like driving for 16 hours, you can go by bus.

There are numerous ground transportation companies They leave several hours a day from Lima to Arequipa. Among them are Cruz del Sur, Oltursa, Tepsa, Civa, ExcluCiva, Cial, Ormeño, Flores, Cromotex, Links, Taurus and, Santa Úrsula. The price of the ticket costs an average of 25 euros (during the holiday season the price rises by 50 percent).

To arrive by railway You must leave from Puno, a city near Arequipa. The Southern Railway It does the tour in about 10 hours and only leaves on Mondays and Fridays. For get to Puno You must leave Lima and travel by plane or bus. But only if there are intentions to know Puno, otherwise it is better to go directly to Arequipa by the means already mentioned.

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