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Hymn – Andorra

In 1914, Prince-Bishop Joan Benllock i Vivó, a Spanish religious, urged the creation of anthem national. He wrote it himself and assigned the task of composing the music Enric Marfany Bons, a church man born in Sant Julià de Loria.

The anthem National was officially adopted in 1921. He was first interpreted on September 8 of the same year at the National Shrine of the Principality. It happened because of the celebration of the day of the Virgin of Meritxell, patron of Andorra. It should be noted that there is no mention of God, but the Virgin Mary of Meritxell.

Andorra's flag

The Great Carlemany (Catalan)

Stanza I

The great Carlemany mon Pare,
dels àrabs em desllliurà.
I from cel vida em donà,
from Meritxell the great Mare,

Stanza II

Nasqui Princess and Pubilla,
Between your nation, neutral.
Sols rest only filla,
of l’imperi Carlemany.

Stanza III

Creient and lliure onze segles,
I thought I was alive.
Siguin els furs mos tutors,
We princes defenders!
We are Princes defenders !!!

The Great Charlemagne (Spanish)

Stanza I

The great Charlemagne, my father,
freed me from the Arabs,
And from heaven life gave me,
of Meritxell, the great Mother,

Stanza II

Princess I was born and a virgin,
between two nations, neutral
I am the only daughter left
of the Carolingian Empire.

Stanza III

Believer and free eleven centuries;
believer and free I want to be.
Be the fueros my tutors
and my defending princes!
And my defending Princes!

National anthem of Andorra (Instrumental)

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