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Hymn – Morocco

The Jerife Hymn (Al-nashid al-sharif) is the official antheml of Morocco. This already existed before the independence of the country in 1956, but it was only officially that year. The music was composed by Léo Morgan, and the latest version of the lyrics was written by Ali Squalli Houssaini in 1970.

Jerife Hymn (transcript)

manbita al-ahrar;
mashriqa al-anwar;
muntada su’dadi wa himah;
dumta muntadah
ishta fi l-awtan;
li-l-ula unwan;
mil’a kulli yanan;
dikra ​​kulli lisan;
bi-r-ruhi, bi-l-yasadi;
there was fatak;
labba nidak;
fi fami wa-fi dammi
hawaka thara nur wa-nar;
ijwati hayya;
lil-ula sa’aya;
nushhidi dunya;
Anna Houna Nahya;
Allah, al-watan, al-malik;

Jerife Hymn (translation)

Cradle of the free,
Lift up the lights.
Land of sovereignty and peace,
It is still a land of peace.
You have lived among nations
how a sublime title,
filling every heart
related by each language.
For his soul and his body,
Your people have stood
And I answer your call.
In my mouth and in my blood,
Your breezes have stirred
at the same time light and fire.
My brothers, let’s go
At the highest we aspire.
Let’s proclaim to the world
That is where we live.
With the motto
God, country and king

Jerife Hymn (instrumental)

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