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Iberia check-in

Within the processes that we must carry out before boarding an airplane, the check-in It is one of the most important, because with it we not only confirm our trip but we can request any special requirement, make changes to reservations, choose our seat, register an account to obtain frequent flyer points or make extra payments to obtain others Benefits.

The Iberia airline It has an online check-in system and all passengers can access it 24 hours before the flight to obtain the boarding pass and carry out the necessary procedures to access the flight.

This service can be used by all Iberia customers that have airline tickets (paper or electronic) whose destinations are within those offered by the airline except for Russia. It may not be used in the case of a special situation such as unaccompanied minor trips, passengers with wheelchairs, flights that have shared code (IB7000 and IB7999) or flights with direct connection with other airlines.

To check-in, online or on the machines enabled for this at airports, we must have the reservation code and the passenger’s last name or have the number of Iberia Plus card and our PIN code. Then we can choose the preferred seat according to the map of available seats or confirm our seat if we have already booked it before. Then we must confirm that the data that appears is correct and print the boarding pass.

Once you do the check-in, you must deliver your luggage at the airport counters at least 45 minutes in advance of the flight departure (if you leave the T4S terminal of the Madrid airport you must complete this process 55 minutes in advance). Then you must go to the security controls, show your documentation and follow the boarding gate.

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