Iberian ham tasting Barcelona

In the Iberian ham tasting the first thing will be to know about the history, types, elaboration processes, main characteristics, culinary properties and gastronomic uses, and then go to the practical part where we will enjoy this food being guided at all times with experts in the topic.

ham tasting

Iberian ham is one of the main products in Spanish gastronomy and if we look for a ham tasting we can go to Barcelona. The important thing to make a good tasting is to know that the pig breed and its diet are important to differentiate the different types of ham.

Iberian ham tasting in Barcelona

Regularly, the tasting of Iberian ham will be accompanied by pairing tips and some tasting accessories such as artisan bread and some beverages that include wine and beer (whether domestic or imported).

A tasting of Iberian ham recommended in Barcelona is the one that organizes active gastronomy, these tastings have a duration of three hours and a price of 63 euros per person (the next scheduled activities will be on June 21, July 13 and September 21) .

Iberian ham tasting Barcelona

Another recommended tasting is the one carried out by Manuel López, known as “the ham tuner” (its location is located in Barcelona, ​​Calle Aragó 242), the tasting is accompanied by cava and red wine.

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