Ice skating rink in Galicia

The ice skating rinks In different cities of Spain, they are already a tradition of Christmas times, even, many of them are installed in squares so that they can be available to most people and travelers who pass through these streets during the month of December and January, almost always until after the day of the Magi.

skating in galicia

Apart from that, there are some skating rinks that do have fixed facilities and are maintained throughout the year. In these tracks we can practice the ice skating, and even, we can take some learning course in order to learn the first movement or to perfect the ones we already know at the expert level.

skating in spain

In Galicia we can skate in Winterfell, located in the Gardens of Méndez Núñez, this natural ice rink has more than eight hundred square meters of extension, skate rental service, beginner to advanced level classes, and monitors that are located along the skating rink, in order to provide security at all times.

skate in galicia

He skate rental It has a price that goes from 5 euros and this will vary according to the rental time and if we require any other type of accessory or not.

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