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Ideas for traveling with children

Travel with children It is always a good opportunity to enjoy a family moment, share all and even know each other better. If we are going to travel in Spain we have several ideal destinations for travelers of all ages:

Jurassic Museum of Asturias. Since we arrived at this destination we will see that the whole setting is that of a Jurassic garden from the museum that has the shape of a tridactile plant to the three rooms in which this space is divided to move us to the three periods in which the dinosaurs existed as they are the Triassic period, the Jurassic period and the Cretaceous period. In addition, we can see the real-scale electronic dinosaurs of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the gigantosaurus.

Warner Park of Madrid. If we are walking through the Spanish capital we can visit the Warner Park that is located only twenty minutes from the city center. This theme park will take us to the stages of the most famous films of this American producer, and even, we will feel that we are walking through Hollywood itself. Here we will receive Tweety and Bug Bunny to have fun from the moment we arrive at this fun amusement space. At Parque Warner in Madrid we will enjoy mechanical games (roller coasters like the Coaster Express), Cartoon Village and Superheroes World.

Magic Island of Seville. A space where kids will have fun enjoying fun games like the roller coaster called the Rio Tinto Mining Train or touring the replicas of the Mayan pyramids and the most impressive volcanoes in Mexico in the area called Quetzal. If the games are not enough, we can move to other attractions of the city such as the Plaza de España or the Royal Alcazars. If we travel from Madrid we can use the AVE services to reach our destination in an average of two hours.

If we search travel with children to enjoy a day at the beach, destinations are recommended: Menorca, an island with many leisure and calm waters and Lanzarote, for its offers such as riding a camel, relaxing in the pool or beaches or taking a boat ride that emulates a pirate ship, etc.

Inside and outside Spain there are some destinations that are also popular for travel as a family, among them we have: Disneyland, Disney Paris, Legoland, Port Aventura, Riviera Maya, Mallorca, Florida, among others.

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