IFEMA bisutex

As every year, IFEMA Madrid Opens its doors to a new project at the fair: Bisutex IFEMA, which as the name implies will bring us the best in jewelry and costume jewelery from Spanish lands.

ifema jewelry

Is International Gift, Jewelery and Costume Jewelery Week It will be held this year from September 9 to 13 and in it we can see the latest trends in jewelry and jewelry with the contemporary style that characterizes this event.

BISUTEX, will keep a pavilion at the fair that overflows elegance and quality, showing a wide display of items and products that are linked to the new seasonal trends in Europe and the finest design lines that are ahead of the seasons for this year.

ifema bisutex

Bisutex has been characterized in recent years by the search for new alternatives in marketing that allow the brands that are exhibited to achieve greater significance during the fair.

For example, the signature of bags and accessories Mira la Marela, was presented last year to the event showing an innovative and very fresh collection aimed at the younger audience.

One of the ones that always leads the fair is the original TANTRA, which arrives with interesting summer collections and current trends.

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