International transport – Belgium

The main airport of Belgium is the National Airport of Belgium (Zaventem International Airport). To get from this airport to the city you must travel 14 km, you can take the train in the basement at the airport, the bus or a taxi. Autolux It is the company that operates for the airport, you can buy a ticket valid for 2 months, so you can go back and forth. The price of the taxi ride from the airport to the city of Brussels is approximately 40 euros.

Zaventen Airport - Belgium

On the website of Belgium National Airport You will find all the information you need to book flights, hotels, cars. You will find guides so that your passage through the airport goes smoothly: information about luggage, trips with children, arrival and departure times of flights. You can call from abroad to the phone: +32 2 753 77 53 or from Belgium: 0900/700 00 (€ 0.45 / min)

In addition Belgium has the following airports:

• Antwerp Airport

• Charleroi Airport

• Flanders International Airport

• Liège Airport

• Oostende Airport

Airport - Belgium

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